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Disable HSTS when HTTPS_METHOD=noredirect
Jason Wilder 6 years ago committed by GitHub
commit c36b42933d
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@ -164,7 +164,12 @@ a 503.
To serve traffic in both SSL and non-SSL modes without redirecting to SSL, you can include the
environment variable `HTTPS_METHOD=noredirect` (the default is `HTTPS_METHOD=redirect`). You can also
disable the non-SSL site entirely with `HTTPS_METHOD=nohttp`.
disable the non-SSL site entirely with `HTTPS_METHOD=nohttp`. `HTTPS_METHOD` must be specified
on each container for which you want to override the default behavior. If `HTTPS_METHOD=noredirect` is
used, Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is disabled to prevent HTTPS users from being redirected by the
client. If you cannot get to the HTTP site after changing this setting, your browser has probably cached
the HSTS policy and is automatically redirecting you back to HTTPS. You will need to clear your browser's
HSTS cache or use an incognito window / different browser.
### Basic Authentication Support

@ -155,7 +155,9 @@ server {
ssl_dhparam {{ printf "/etc/nginx/certs/%s.dhparam.pem" $cert }};
{{ end }}
{{ if (ne $https_method "noredirect") }}
add_header Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=31536000";
{{ end }}
{{ if (exists (printf "/etc/nginx/vhost.d/%s" $host)) }}
include {{ printf "/etc/nginx/vhost.d/%s" $host }};

@ -56,6 +56,35 @@ function setup {
assert_200_https test.nginx-proxy.bats
@test "[$TEST_FILE] test SSL Strict-Transport-Security" {
prepare_web_container bats-ssl-hosts-4 "80 443" \
-e VIRTUAL_HOST=*.nginx-proxy.bats \
-e CERT_NAME=nginx-proxy.bats
dockergen_wait_for_event $SUT_CONTAINER start bats-ssl-hosts-1
sleep 1
assert_301 test.nginx-proxy.bats
assert_200_https test.nginx-proxy.bats
assert_output -p "Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=31536000"
@test "[$TEST_FILE] test HTTPS_METHOD=noredirect disables Strict-Transport-Security" {
prepare_web_container bats-ssl-hosts-5 "80 443" \
-e VIRTUAL_HOST=*.nginx-proxy.bats \
-e CERT_NAME=nginx-proxy.bats \
-e HTTPS_METHOD=noredirect
dockergen_wait_for_event $SUT_CONTAINER start bats-ssl-hosts-3
sleep 1
assert_200 test.nginx-proxy.bats
assert_200_https test.nginx-proxy.bats
refute_output -p "Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=31536000"
@test "[$TEST_FILE] stop all bats containers" {