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Make it easier to run tests.
Jason Wilder 8 years ago
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.PHONY : test
docker build -t jwilder/nginx-proxy:bats .
bats test

@ -218,3 +218,13 @@ If you are using multiple hostnames for a single container (e.g. `VIRTUAL_HOST=e
If you want most of your virtual hosts to use a default single `location` block configuration and then override on a few specific ones, add those settings to the `/etc/nginx/vhost.d/default_location` file. This file
will be used on any virtual host which does not have a `/etc/nginx/vhost.d/{VIRTUAL_HOST}` file associated with it.
### Contributing
Before submitting pull requests or issues, please check github to make sure an existing issue or pull request is not already open.
#### Running Tests Locally
To run tests, you'll need to install [bats 0.4.0](
make test