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spigot server

spigot server

Building spigot-server image

docker build -t zombi/spigot-server .

the spigot binaries are built on the first start of the container instance.

This might take a few minutes depending on the internet connection and computing power of the host system.

Running spigot-server

First create the storage directory with the correct permissions

mkdir -p /data/minecraft/mc-server chown 5:60 /data/minecraft/mc-server

docker run -it -d \
 -v /data/minecraft/mc-server:/usr/games/mcserv \
 --name spigot-server \
 -p 25565:25565/udp \
 -p 25565:25565/tcp \

on the first run the buildtools are building the spigot jar file and the container is exiting once done.

restart the container afterwards to run the minecraft server

docker start spigot-server