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madmaurice d9ed9d56fa emacs: Freshen up init.el 2 months ago
bash Reduce bash prompt 3 years ago
bspwm/.config Gajim statt Pidgin 4 years ago
compton/.config Teil 1 5 years ago
emacs/.emacs.d emacs: Freshen up init.el 2 months ago
git git: add plf alias 2 months ago
luakit/.config/luakit deactivate noscript 4 years ago
mpd mpd: playlist_directory 4 years ago
ncmpcpp/.ncmpcpp ncmpcpp - Update config 1 year ago
patches dmenu2 centered patch 5 years ago
ranger/.config/ranger No need to put history in git 5 years ago
scripts/.config/scripts batteryobserver: bug fix which prevented the batteryobserver from starting 4 years ago
ssh-publickey/.ssh New public key 5 years ago
tablet/.config/scripts Cleanup tabletmode 5 years ago
tmux tmux: Update for newer version 1 year ago
vim Zeuch 3 years ago
vim-minimal Add new pkg vim-minimal 1 year ago
vimperator colorscheme moved to local 5 years ago
weechat/.weechat Some changes of weechat 4 years ago
xbase Xdefaults 3 years ago
zsh zsh: Add automatic inclusion of zsh-syntax-hightlighting 1 year ago
zsh-autotmux/.zsh Added comment 5 years ago
README README test 5 years ago dotstow - use env 1 year ago


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