Templates for the "gnorm" database management engine.
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// Package postgres contains autogenerated code for postgres databases.
// They are a couple of special paths in this directory:
// * /_templates contains the gnorm templates for generations
// * /gnorm.toml holds the gnorm configuration
// * /migrations contains the logic to migrate the database
// * /doc.go (this file) contains some instructions about this package
// All query and row definitions are autogenerated from the database, and
// converted into static code. This eliminates the need for an ORM, makes
// requests very fast and eliminates the possibilities of typos, syntax
// errors, SQL injections and therefore runtime problems with the database.
// If you need to update the database logic however, this can be a little
// tricky. As this approach takes the DB as the source of truth, start with
// writing the up- and down migration (migrations can be found in the
// assets/migrations/ dir).
// apply the migrations and run `gnorm gen` in this package, this will
// update all database related code. If there are compile time errors, the
// changes were incompatible with the codebase and you need to adjust the
// code a little (usually this is just a matter of minutes).
package postgres